Clinic | WIG303 | Released: 04/03/13

Image: Free Reign II

Following last year’s release of Free Reign – the sixth studio album by Liverpool’s stalwarts of the surreal Clinic, the band have now announced the imminent landing of Free Reign II – a set of alternate mixes of the original album by revered producer Daniel Lopatin.

Initially involved in the mixing of several songs on the original Free Reign, the band felt that Lopatin’s vision for the record deserved to be fully realised and available.  Zoning in on the creeping dub influence that’s always been bubbling in Clinic’s work, Lopatin’s mixes mutate the already mind-clouding originals into something heavier, narcotic and more hypnotic than before.  As he himself puts it, "I wanted to give it a burnt, 60s/70s stereo dub feel and was under the influence of a lot of Amon Düül II and Les Rallizes Dénudés when I was mixing."

A fascinating new perspective on the original album for those wise enough to have sought it out already and a great work in its own right for Free Reign newcomers, this collaboration with one of contemporary, experimental electronic music's greatest innovators is testament to the enduring influence of Clinic – one of the most trailblazing British bands of their era.


Image: Free Reign II

WIGLP303 | Out now

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  • 01. Sun & Moon II
  • 02. You II
  • 03. King Kong II
  • 04. For The Season II
  • 05. Miss You II
  • 06. Cosmic Radiation II
  • 07. Seamless Boogie Woogie BBC 10pm (rpt) II
  • 08. See Saw II
  • 09. Misty II
  • 10. Done & Dusted II