The Folk Implosion | WIG118 | Released: 17/02/03

Image: new folk implosion

Lou Barlow is now joined in The Folk Implosion by Russell Pollard (from Sebadoh & Alaska) and Imaad Wasif (from Alaska). Lou's FI sparring partner John Davis has now departed from the project and the band's sound has mutated into a california-sound rock group. With heavy (radio) ballads and Lou's unmistakeable turn with a melody, the sound is recognisable but it's also fresh and contemporary - just what we needed I guess!


Image: new folk implosion

WIGCD118 | Out now

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  • 01. Fuse
  • 02. Pearl
  • 03. End of Henley
  • 04. Leaving it up to Me
  • 05. Brand of Skin
  • 06. Releast
  • 07. Creature of Salt
  • 08. Coral
  • 09. Easy