Franz Ferdinand | WIG239 | Released: 23/05/09

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Blood is a dub version of Franz Ferdinand's recent album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. Blood was mixed by Dan Carey, the producer of Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.

Carey’s CV includes an ‘apprenticeship’ with legendary south London dub specialist The Mad Professor, owner of Ariwa Sounds, one of the UK’s premier reggae labels.

Blood includes a new song, "Be Afraid", which is a version of "Dream Again".


Image: blood packshot

WIGLP239 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Feel The Pressure
  • 02. Die On The Floor
  • 03. The Vaguest Of Feeling
  • 04. If I Can’t Have You Then Nobody Can
  • 05. Be Afraid
  • Side B
    01. Katherine Hit Me
  • 02. Backwards On My Face
  • 03. Feeling Kind Of Anxious
  • 04. Feel The Envy