Cass McCombs | RUG277 | Released: 21/01/08

Image: That's That
That’s That, released on January 21st 2008, is the beautiful first single taken from Cass McCombs’ forthcoming album, ‘Dropping The Writ’- his first for Domino Records - due out on Monday 4th February.

You might think it funny this song bears the same title as one of Snoop’s. However coincidental, this sort of tragi-comedy that the artist cultivates does not stop here. The story about a past life and directed at a missing girl, is sharply told and almost entirely in non-sequitors. All instruments, besides bass (Luke Top) and drums (Garrett Ray), were played by Cass McCombs, as were most of the songs on the forthcoming album.

A dark and catchy number with elastic background vocals, That’s That appeals to the redheaded stepchild, but with an adult’s sense of humour and subject matter.

Image: That's That

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  • 01. That's That
  • 02. Healing