Lightspeed Champion | RUG387 | Released: 13/12/10

Image: Bye Bye Packshot

Lightspeed Champion is now in Technicolor, or at least that’s how it feels listening to the four unreleased tracks that make up Dev Hyne’s new EP Bye Bye.

Absorbing these opulent songs, awash with strings and lush instrumentation, it makes complete sense to see the legendary composer and producer Van Dyke Parks (Beach Boys, The Byrds, Joanna Newsom), a man with the abilities to make just about anything sound interminably beautiful, credited as having arranged three tracks, something Dev having been a long-time admirer, understandably comments on as “being pretty surreal.”

Opening with an overwhelmingly pretty cover of the Beach Boy’s ‘Til I Die’ (which seems very appropriate, all things considered), ‘Underwater There Is Nothing’, a version of the similarly titled track from his most recent LP, Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You, follows on alongside two previously unheard tracks, ‘Bye Bye Icarus’ and ‘The Mess You’re In’. Bye Bye is the kind of sunburst record you might feel very grateful for as the winter months begin to roll in.

10" EP

Image: Bye Bye Packshot

RUG387T | Out now

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  • 01. 'Til I Die (Beach Boys Cover)
  • 02. Underwater There Is Nothing
  • 03. Bye Bye Icarus
  • 04. The Mess You're In